Area wise India is seventh largest country in the world. Population wise it stand second and economic wise it is positioned at twelfth place. A vast sector is involved in placing the India in twelfth place economy wise. Some of these sectors are handicrafts, textile, agriculture, industries etc. and agriculture sector adds a big portion of economy in the total economy because agriculture is the main livelihood of people here. Agriculture is practiced in majority of rural areas and so the words of Gandhiji are not false that “Indian economy lives in rural villages”. The total amount masses involved in agriculture and works related to agriculture are 75%.

Around 10000 years ago B.C. Indian agriculture started. Earlier it consisted of cultivating of crops and taming of animals. As time passed various new technology were invented for advanced agriculture. In India foreign crops were introduced and some of the Indian agricultural products are exported to other parts of the world which helps in good trade.

Development of agriculture is also included in the government’s 5 year plan along with development of rural area and employment for rural masses. In 1970 green revolution was achieved by India. Even after the development in the techniques for agriculture there were shortcomings in the agriculture. These shortcomings are because of the condition of the people in the rural areas, the problem of funds for their crops or land etc.

Some other problems are the fast globalization and increasing population. The agricultural lands are converted in to residential lands for residential purposes. Moreover because of few business people the agricultural lands are converted to the industrial area and because of this, farmer lose their land and agriculture is getting shattered at such places. This results in the low productivity and low output of the food products and these insufficiency results in the increase in the prices of the food products.

Moreover poor farmers who have land but doesn’t have enough capital to invest behind the land and the advanced technologies to own the new methods of agriculture so this also results in the and thus they borrow debt for the agriculture and they tend to fall in problems like heavy debt and at last they lose all their agriculture lands in clearing the debts.

Farmers in the verge of making money are owning the hazardous genetic engineering seeds which are used for growing cash crops and as farmers tend to make good money from cash crops they increase the cultivation of this cash crop which is the foreign products and ultimately our land doesn’t get to grow the traditional seeds.

The growth of fuel like ethanol has increased to a great extent and farmers are also gaining by cultivating these plants but the production of food grains had decreased drastically as compared to 2007 which was 2000million tones. So a problem has risen in the country’s agriculture pattern and a time may come food grains have to be imported from other countries.

Farmers must be accompanied with proper knowledge and finance this must be include in the government reforms for agriculture and government must keep a check on this every time with the 5year plan before implementing a new plan after the end of the 5year plan.

Various institutions must be launched for agriculture so that framers get a correct knowledge regarding the crops and cultivation so that they get a broad out look towards agriculture and enhance their living.

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2 comments on “Agriculture
  1. Kaushik Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please give me details about B. Sc. in Agriculture course through distance education process. It will be highly appreciated, if you please provide me with course fee and other expenses related to the course.

    With regards,

    Kaushik Bhattacharjee

    • Hello Kaushik

      Qualifiication: Candidate should passed 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

      Some Universities list where you can apply for Agriculture course:

      Annamalai University
      Allahabad Agricultural Institute
      Karnataka State Open University
      Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University
      Global Open University,
      Uttaranchal Open University

      you can get fee detail of course by visit university official website.

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