The procedure of art which includes drawing, designing, making sequences of the pictures and scenes, and making layouts of the scenes is called animation which is related to graphics, gaming and multimedia. With animation we can create an illusion of the still objects and make it appear like its moving. The person who does all the animation is known as animator. Animator makes use of the technologies and animates the objects by capturing the still pictures and arranges them in proper sequence so that it appears like its moving to viewers.

Animation is very important in the multimedia field which involves gathering of the objects and arranging them in proper manner, it needs a vast resources. Multimedia is the combination of the video and audio so it is necessary to have the perfect blend of both the things to have a good animation. Multimedia contains things like videos, audio, graphics designs and texts. As multimedia is the combination of video and audio it can be played on the desktop with the help of digital video, CD-ROM, streaming videos, web technology and or through projectors.

These days animation is on high skies because it is required in the modern industry of entertainment for television programs and movies. Animation is required for designing the characters of the cartoon serials through modern technology. Moreover animations also play a keen role in promoting advertisements. Most of the time real human characters are not so effective in promoting the advertisement but cartoon characters live and impact on the viewers mind.

People with creative minds have a big scope in multimedia animation industry. For animation it is necessary to think out of box and peep into the minds of the viewers and then animate the objects. With proper ideas and visualization animator needs to work to bring the reality in the animated objects, they have to give life in the objects so that viewers can applaud and remember it for long time. Worldwide film industry is in search of top-class animators to give the extra effects in the movie which may seem real to the audience. Moreover many game industries and advertisement need animators for proper execution of their brands and products.

There are many branches in the animation industry candidates must find out what exactly they want to do? Candidates must decide whether they want to go for designing, programming, animator, cartoonist, art director or producer. Select the proper animation coaching classes and pursue a certification in that field. Before enrolling it is necessary to check for the placements and achievements of that coaching center.

Anyone after completing the schooling can enroll for the animation or multimedia and complete their multimedia course. There are vast opportunities for animation industry. Today a huge number of animation and multimedia coaching centers have been launched in India to meet the requirements of the multimedia industry both nationally and internationally. There are various degrees and diplomas granted by these institutions for multimedia. We at online India education are here to assist you with the list of all the animation or multimedia coaching centers and firms for making your future bright.

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