It is a fact that we cannot pin down the exact origin and history of the computer. 1613 was the year when the word ‘Computer’ came into existence. Fundamentally, it was for the person used to do computations and calculations. End of the 19th century was the period when the word ‘computer’ was used for the machine for calculations. If you will ask anyone today about the most important invention in 20th century, definitely the answer you will get is the computer. The magic this machine possesses is that, it can store tons of files in its hard drive with great ease. Today, in our all spheres of life, the computer has become inevitable machine. From simple clerical jobs to task of creating million dollar movies, the computer is the one, which has its own share in everything. Today, personal computer (PC) has become a status symbol to flaunt. Computer is the machine, which has all great qualities like accuracy, speed, capacity and definitely it is a multi-tasker. For calculating complex numbers, computer takes a fraction of second and the result comes in front of you. Computer is the only machine till date which satisfies almost every need of human being today, be it entertainment, education, communication, business, bookings, anything.

Desktop computers are normally used worldwide. A CPU, USP, monitor, keyboard and a mouse, altogether form a desktop computer. As it can get fitted on the top of the desk, it is called as desktop. But, the disadvantage it has is, we cannot move it to our desired location. So, may be for that purpose, the Laptop has born. In 1986, IBM brought first laptop in the market, which has become a very common thing to possess today. Though various laptops have captured the market today, most of the offices use desktops for carrying their work. Notebook is the nickname of laptop. Due to its lightweight and portability, we can easily shift it from places to places. Moreover, it does not require electricity all the time, once it is charged, it can run on battery for a long time. Now, the market is full of palmtops, PDAs, and all the latest inventions, which keep on updating on the almost daily basis. Tablet PC is the hot favourite today among youngsters.

Disadvantages of Computers: – Like the computer has innumerous advantages and plus points in its bucket, it definitely possess some shortcomings for the human race. Human beings are becoming dependent on the computer so much that some of them have lost their ability to think on their own. They ought to have google search in front of them all the time. In addition, these social networking sites have made youngsters addicted to them so much that some of them keep on posting their each and every activity in their daily life, as an update. Many times, it is happening that, more than family and friends, these sites are more dear ones to the youngsters. Even little children make their profile on them and get addicted to the extent that they don’t even know the playground games. These sites are their best friends more than real ones in their life. Computers are even cause of health problems today, as children are becoming obese as they don’t play outside their home. In case of youngsters, depression and anger are the emotions they may develop over the time if they get involved with online friends of whom they don’t even know the face.

Computers, as it is a machine after all, it all depends upon humans how to make the best use of it. Also, how to save ourselves from its disadvantages is also the matter in which we have to look out into. Finally, it is a great invention, which has proved as a boon for all human beings

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