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Education in India goes on in a drastic manner. Is they are going in a right path or in its opposite path? Let’s come to a conclusion after having many aspects of view on Education that is going on in our country. Now-a-days if a newly born baby after attaining the perfect age has to join in a School. But they are facing many problems to enter into it. If that baby is from financially backward sector then its entry to a well training institution becomes very difficult. Why Government of India is not taking any steps of those institutes about their hike rates? In India now the situation has changed not as like before. Money minded peoples started Schools & Colleges then how a common person a can find a good education? Think over on it.

In recent days Education level which varies from state to state. Practical education which helps the students throughout their life. From the younger age everyone should teach their lessons in live by my means of graphics. Due to development in technology anything can be made. In Tamil Nadu thus SASEL an education team made all the subjects in video format which helps the student in an easier way to grasp the subject in quicker way. In Andhra Pradesh the government is encouraging the students by giving concession on fees if any student scores above 80% in his overall year. These kinds of things motivate the students to grow up in their life personally.

Students must be getting to the places visited to science exhibition, techno parks related to their field. So that they will have a great aim this will induce them to do in the future. They must be involving in activities such as Speech, Recitation, Drawing, Craft, Essay writing and poetry, Singing and Dancing.

These kinds of activities improve their skill sets from the younger generation itself. If education increases then poverty declines to an end. At the same time we should not give burden to the students about education without having healthy games. They should have games to have a healthy condition to strain at the time of exams. Education should not be like memorizing they should learn in a lively manner. Then only that education will help for their improvement. All education strategy in India which has to learns and memorizes and writes in the exams. That system should be changed. Every student must be given a scientific topic and should ask them to submit as demo based report. This will increase the interest on learning process and make them to keep on searching things in internet and grasp ideas from their teachers.

India education system though offering large number of courses, the exam pattern should change so that they are able to attain their motto easily. Now also most of the schools and colleges only concentrate on mark scoring strategy. They don’t bother about whether they learnt or not. Colleges like IIT, IIM and school like Kendra vidhyalaya every schools and college must work. As these colleges and schools teach the lessons practically the students from that sector shining well compared to others. Hence make education practically and make future pillars of India as the strongest one.

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