Engineering Branches

Engineering is considered as one of the prestigious courses in India. It awards you with the scholar status and makes you flooded with high paying lucrative job offers. In India, private as well as government institutes are responsible for imparting engineering education. The standards of institutions are managed by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), which was born in 1945.

Various Branches of Engineering: -

Computer Engineering – It accumulates various subjects like software engineering, multimedia, communications, artificial intelligence, hardware architecture and design, simulation and modeling, human-computer interaction.

Electronic engineering – Major speciality of this, includes telecommunications engineering.

Mechanical engineering – Mechanical engineering deals with the machines operation and mechanical systems by overseeing the factors like design, heat usage, analysis and the mechanical power.

Vehicle engineering – It deals with the design, systems operation and equipment on which working of the vehicle depend upon. It includes naval architecture, automotive engineering and aerospace engineering.

Acoustical engineering – It is about controlling the unwanted sound and vibration control.

Industrial engineering – It covers the areas like safety engineering, component engineering, construction engineering, reliability engineering, manufacturing engineering and systems engineering.

Nuclear engineering – As the name denotes, it applies nuclear processes to engineering.

Applied engineering – The fields the applied engineering brings under one roof are graphics, construction, nanotechnology, electronics, Computer aided drawing and design (CAD), general and manufacturing.

Biological engineering – It covers different branches of engineering inside it. They are biomedical engineering, protein engineering, genetic engineering, tissue engineering and biochemical engineering.

Agricultural engineering – It empowers the agricultural fields such as farm power and the machinery, bioenergy, farm structures, biological material process and agricultural natural resources with engineering principles. The key factors of agricultural engineering include food engineering, bioprocess engineering, aquaculture engineering.

Petroleum engineering – In Petroleum engineering, the engineering principles are used in producing natural gas and the crude oil. It covers drilling engineering, reservoir engineering and production engineering.

Energy engineering – Solar engineering and wind engineering are the key areas covered under this field.

Mechatronics –It deals with examining automation systems design. Instrumentation engineering, avionics and robotics are the branches covered under mechatronics.

Environmental engineering – In this, engineering principles are used in the protection and development of the environment. Various branches covered inside this are, fire protection engineering, hydraulic engineering, sanitary engineering, municipal engineering and ecological engineering.

Transportation engineering – It is born for ensuring safe transportation of people and the goods. Railway systems engineering, traffic engineering and highway engineering are the areas with which transportation engineering deals with.

Structural engineering – The major sections covered under this are, earthquake engineering, architectural engineering, wind engineering and ocean engineering.

Molecular engineering – Molecules manufacturing is the main area on which molecular engineering focuses on.

Geotechnical engineering – Specialities of geotechnical engineering include mining engineering, raw materials extraction and processing and also the exploration.

Materials engineering – It includes areas like crystal engineering and ceramic engineering.

Describing each and every branch of engineering in depth is a tough task as it has loads of information hidden inside each one of them. Engineering occupies almost all sectors of Indian economy and is ready to capture more areas with the help of technology and inventions in near future.

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