Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks

Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks is available on official website. Interested candidates can read the following paragraph for more detail information.

Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the main exam for the candidates . GATE exam was conducted in two manner one is Gate online and Gate offline. The GATE Online exam was successfully conducted in the month of February-March  2014.

All the candidates who appear in the GATE 2014 exam are waiting for their Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks.  Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2014 cutoff is the most searchable term for the candidates who take GATE 2014 examination. GATE 2014 cutoff marks play the most important role in order to decide the selection in the various post graduate programmes such as M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.

Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks: -

Gate 2014 Cutoff MarksGATE 2014 cutoff for all the IITs and NITs and IISc decided separately by the managing board of particular institute. Until the final cutoff of GATE 2014 not published, you are requested to discuss you expected GATE 2014 marks so that we can estimate the GATE 2014 Cutoff Marks. Gate 2014 will be declared on March 2014 so students have to wait for few days . Gate 2014 Cut off Declared so you can check your Gate 2014 Cut off :-

Gate Cut off EC CS ME CE IN EE
GEN 25 25  25
OBC 22.5 22.5  22.5
SC/ST/PD 16.67 16.67  16.67

Gate 2014 Result declared shortly and then the Gate 2014 cut off criteria is also update.  GATE 2014 Cutoff for IIT Delhi, GATE 2014 Cutoff for ECE and GATE 2014 Cutoff for NITs all are will be available shortly. As well as the Gate 2014 Cutoff decided by the IITs we will update here. We have updated the expected marks in Gate 2014 exam. All the students can check their expected Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks below:-

Gate 2013 Cutoff Marks-1

Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks-1

In order to calculate the GATE 2014 Score, the new formula will be applied as following: -

Gate 2013 Cutoff Marks

GATE 2014 Score Formula

All students are requested to enter their expected marks, so that we can evaluate the expected Gate 2014 cutoff marks. Final Cutoff marks of Gate examination will be decided by officially later.

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212 comments on “Gate 2014 Cutoff Marks
  1. Dipanjan says:

    Sir, my expected marks in GATE 2013 CS paper is 30.00 . I belong to the SC Category. I will be very grateful if you tell me my expected rank in the mentioned exam …
    Yours faithfully,
    Dipanjan Saha

  2. ashish kumar says:

    Sir,my expected marks in gate 2013 in EE is 33.i belong to the SC category.plz tell me my expected rank .

  3. Ajay Shukla says:

    I dont know the rank . But surely you will get calls from NITs.

  4. thamarai says:

    my expected marks in gate 2013in EEE is 50 please tell me my expected rank

  5. shivam says:

    sir i can get 28 marks and i m from general catagery
    plz tell me my rank and score

  6. ajaykumar solas says:

    sir my gate expected score is 16 mechanical sc category.plese tell me my expected rank.

  7. John T says:

    Expected mark 22, Gate 2013 Mechanical ST. Am I likely to qualify? Thanks

  8. Manoj says:

    SIR my expecetd ME gate marks is 16 i belongs to OBC pls tell me my status

  9. raj says:

    my xpected score 10.6 and i m 4m sc category

  10. Abhi says:

    Sir , I got 50.00. I belong to OC Category. I will be very happy to know my expected rank.

    Thanking you sir

  11. ankush sharma says:

    sir, my expected marks in gate 2013 mechanical are 55. I belong to general category. I will be very grateful if you tell my rank in the mentioned exam
    yours faithfully
    ankush sharma

  12. rahul says:

    my expected marks in ece is 28.34 ..(OBC)..IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET nit..

  13. Kunal says:

    mine score is 49..
    tell me also..:)

  14. archana says:

    sir my gate marks r 36 n m frm ec branch general category…what shd i expect sir????shall i go for sm other choices…

  15. satish singh says:

    my expected marks in gate 2013 in ece branch is 37. what are the options after it?

  16. swapnil dabhade says:

    Sir, i am getting 44.7 marks in gate 2013 ec exam
    Can kno the collage i probabely get? Plz inform

  17. dillip says:


    my xpcted mark in gate2013 is 35-38…belong to SC ctegry…can i get into IISC Banglore???

  18. Amit kumar says:

    sir i am getting 47 marks in mechanical gate 2013…
    what would be my rank??

  19. rani says:

    sir my expectd mark for ece is 30.68 what will be my rank

  20. nikhil says:

    sir,my expeced marks in gate 2013 EE paper is 30.i belong to 0bc category.could you tell my expected rank.

  21. monika singh says:

    my expected marks in gate 2013 is 37 in cse,
    i belong to general category .sir, would you plz tell me my expected rank,,,

  22. Ram Kumar says:

    My expected marks in gate 2013 ec is 43 marks.
    what is my expected rank

  23. subhashree says:

    sir i expect 33 marks and i belong to obc category.sir please tell me whether i will qualify or not?and what is the expected cut off?

  24. subhashree says:

    what is the expected cut off for ece branch?

  25. prattyusha says:

    sir,my expected marks in gate 2013 ece paper will be 19….can you pls suggest my rank in the exam….

  26. Shrimant Chakrabarti says:

    m expecting 40.66 marks in gate 2013 CS paper and I belong to the General category. What rank can i expect??
    hoping for a quick response…
    Thank U :)

  27. aila sachin says:

    i am getting 56.33 marks in EC paper. general category. I personally found paper was tougher than 2011 but easier than 2012 paper.
    can i expect a seat in any iit?

  28. v.ravi kanth says:

    i get a score of 33 out of 100 whether i qualify or not please send a mail to me.

  29. Rakesh R says:

    What will be the expected cut off for general candidates of ECE?

  30. Suraj says:

    I am expecting a score of 27.33 in gate 2013 EC paper in General category. Please tell me if i will be able to pass the cutoff mark.

  31. shilpashree says:

    Sir my expected marks is please tell me my rank.

  32. Vikram says:

    I am getting 45.0 in GATE 2013 EC paper….I belong to OBC category..!!! Can i expect any seat in NIT ?

  33. vivek says:

    Approx marks 35, mechanical, general is there any chance to get nit?

    • suresh says:

      if you are gen then no chance…obc there is a defnitely you will get iit.. and since 2013 mech paper is very easy the qualifying mark may rise approx to if u are gen, u are in border in or out..

  34. KALEEM says:

    i h”ve got 65 marks in ec paper can i get call later from iit knp

  35. Meeshawn says:

    I am expecting around 40-42 marks in Gate Instrumentation branch 2013. Is there a chance ine any of the IITs ??? I am interested in Control System Engineering.

    • GCadmin says:

      expected rank for instrumentation:
      >65 – RANK 1-10

      55-65 – rank 10-70
      50-55 – rank 75-150
      45-50 – rank 150-250
      40-45 – rank 250-400


  36. rohit says:

    i may get 39 marks in gate 2013 where can i seek admission.

  37. sunil says:

    around 32 in mech from sc. chances of iit ???

  38. vinay says:

    approx marks 34 ,ece,obc is there any chance to get nit

  39. manish raj says:

    around 37 marks im going to get in gate-electrical paper 2013. im a sc candidate ,whether i would
    get any interveiw call from any psu, or am i eligible for any iit for

  40. its me! says:

    I’m expecting 38 marks in GATE 2013 in electronics and comm…..What rank can i expect and will i be able to get an NIT ?

  41. Siva satyanarayana says:

    GatI got 45 marks in gate 2013 what rank can I expect ?

  42. gopal says:

    Iam getting 50 marks in gate 2013 ec paper.And I belongs to OBC category.So is there any chance of getting a seat in NITs?

  43. Shailendra says:

    I am getting 52 marks in ECE stream…what rank I can expect ??

  44. kajol says:

    i am getting 55 marks in gate 2013 in mechanical branch. general category.. is there any chance for admission to iits and for PSU. please reply

  45. Siva satyanarayana says:

    Iam getting 45 marks in gate 2013 eletrical paper what rank can I expect?

  46. ABEL says:

    sir, am final year b tech (mechanical) my expected mark is 55. sir is there is any hope to get a seat in iit (old or new)…. i like design and thermal… plzz reply

  47. mayur says:

    my gate score is 31 in ece can I get nit suratkal

  48. santosh says:

    getting 31 in instrumentation , can i expect a seat in nit under open category ???

  49. saurabh says:

    i am likely to get 39 marks(GENERAL),MECHANICAL in gate13.WHAT WOULD BE PROBABLE GATESCORE AND…………. do i have any chance in NITS ?

  50. siri says:

    my score is 27.33 in ee…..(general category)…can you tell me my rank.

  51. siri says:

    hai sir. i got 27.33 marks in gate ee paper.i am belonging to general category.please send me a mail am i qualified or not? and my expected rank?

  52. kanija says:

    my expected marks is 27(in general catgry)please tell me either qualifyng r not?and my rank?

  53. debashish says:

    i am expecting gate score 55 in ece gate 2013
    Can i get call from iit under obc catagory

  54. subhajit says:

    i am getting 59-61.33 marks(mechanical,SC catagory)..

    what r my chances for iitb.iitm,iikgp?

  55. pratibha dwivedi says:

    i m scoring 51 marks in gate(general category)..shall i expect call from an iit??

  56. rakesh says:

    my expected marks is 57 please tell my rank and what are the colleges available to me

  57. surendra says:

    i am ece i expected 52 marks (i am general catageory) how much rank i get and tell me any niit”s available to me

  58. vikas says:

    sir, i’m expecting around 48 marks from ee side in GATE 2013.can i get a call from psus?

  59. saimohan says:

    i got 57 marks in mechanical paper(gen). so how is my chances in psu’s.

  60. NITIN says:

    i am expecting 33 marks in ece gate 2013. can i get nit in first round nit counselling?

  61. OHM says:

    MY XPCTD MARK 20 PLS TLL MY RNK?????????????

  62. sandip patle says:

    i am gating 53.66 mark in gate 2013 mechanical please tell me my rank and whats chances for any psu

  63. karthik says:

    i am expecting 72 marks in ece gate paper,,oc candiadate//is there any chance of getting a seat in iisc bangalore

  64. sunil says:

    i am expecting 82 marks in civil me,,my no.,.9494505295….,if u want confirmation

  65. sandeep chowta says:

    sir i managed to score 38 marks from ece branch in 2013 gate.what rank can i expect and any chance into nit’s

  66. venkatesh babu says:

    im expecting 12 marks,,in civil there any chance of getting a seat in visvodaya

  67. chandrahasa reddy says:

    i got 44 marks in gate EC paper ,general categeory could you please tell me any chance getting admition in niit’s.

  68. lok says:

    I am from MEchanical, my expected marks may be 23, what will be my score?

  69. Ashish says:

    I got 42 marks for ECE in gate 2013 ( general candidate).Is there any chance of getting seat in NIT’S?

  70. Raj says:

    Sir, I am expecting 31.33 in mechanical in general category. Are there any chances of my getting admission in any of the NITs or IITs?

  71. Ranchordas Shyamaldas Chanchar says:

    i got 100 in IN SC , will i get chance in any IIT

  72. harish says:

    iam expecting around 43 marks in ece 2013,any chance to getting seat in nit’s

  73. akanksha says:

    im getting arnd 42 marks general category….can i xpect to get in NIT ….EC branch

  74. nisha says:

    44 marks in ece.. what will be my all india rank?

  75. oshin says:

    Sir my expected marks in gate 2013 ece paper are 54. What rank can i gat? is there any scope of getting a call from any iit?

  76. reality says:

    Losers get into IITs cuz of category and aren’t even ashamed to flaunt it… You’re taking the seats of more deserving general candidates losers!!!! don’t you get that!!


    I expected 31 in EC in 2013 GATE Exam. What rank i can get?

  78. JITEN says:

    what the meaning of cutoff marks?
    it’s a passing marks !

  79. Rahim says:

    Sir, What will be the qualifying marks of Electrical engineering in 2013….

  80. For reality says:

    You man reality. What the shit are you talking.whom you are criticize reservation candidates.
    Me, An OBC candidate will get 71 marks in gate.i m sure that i gonna foot stamp on iit.
    You can’t feel and survive in competition and abusing them cheaply.
    You have to obey our constitution.

    • Attitude Matters says:

      a person for example getting 71 is given more importance than the one who got 72(because of reservation) and this is what u call competition huh

  81. sabyasachi mallik says:

    can the cut-off for instrumentation exceed 26?

  82. SAIF says:


  83. reality says:

    I’m not abusing you man!! calm down…. you’re getting 71 thats cool and congrats for that.. but what about a general candidate who has scored 72.. i guess he deserves more than you… don’t you think man? just asking… but truth is that he will get lesser preference than you.. thats the tragedy

  84. pra says:

    Sir,my expected score is 41,I’m from EEE. What’s the probability of me getting into NIT?

  85. For reality says:

    K any way we can’t change any thing rather we have to follow it.
    Good luck dude

    • Pratik says:

      From what i know .. b4 creating seats for OBC government of India made sure that no general seat gets reduced !! Anyways from Competition point of view its bit unfair … But If you see that People from reserved Back ward class need some help to move forward and join main stream of the society in that case i dont see that it is unfair !!! Any ways unless results are out you really are not quite sure about ur chances !! best of luck

      • Rathi says:

        You are right Pratik.They made reservation purposely for backward classes..And that is to help them move forward..If not those who are stronger will become more stronger and the weaker sections will become more weaker..These reservations are not made in a single day.There is always a valuable reason behind that.

  86. Ram says:

    I am expecting 45 marks in gate 13 ece..would u plz give my status regarding admission into…….belongs to gen category

  87. akash says:

    sir my expected marks in gate 2013 me paper is 32 what is my rank and is there any chance to get iit
    genral candidate

  88. rakesh says:

    sir, i got 49.33 marks in ec(obc candidate) what rank will i expect? plz tell me

    • sukanyareddy says:

      as this year paper is easy as 2011 ,on the basis of 2011 anaylsis u may get around 2000,dont be sure it is just my expectation

  89. ajan says:

    sir i scored 27.33 in ece.. will i clear gate???

  90. SUMIT KUMAR says:

    I am getting 49.4 marks in gate 2013 in EE stream.What would be the all india rank sir and would i get call from from iit or psu

  91. sukanyareddy says:

    as this year paper is as easy as 2011 paper may be around 2000 is expected but it is just expectation dont be sure

  92. Ritu Sharma says:

    i scored 32.5 marks in gate 2013 in ECE paper. What would be my expected rank please let me know

  93. saf says:

    for 47.6666 how much will be the rank in ece

  94. praveen singh says:

    i am getting 46.667 in gate 2013 in ece help me to suggest gate score

  95. prashant gour says:

    how much rank i got at 47.01 in meachanical this year

  96. Anshu says:

    I am getting approx 44.67 marks in EC . Could i expect IIT patna for mtech ?

    • deepak says:

      its difficult because q paper was easy and all the iit’s may be fiilled above 50 marks,,still wait for the result

  97. JItendra says:

    I m getting 42 marks in civil engg gate 2013… would i get any IIT???

  98. Abhishek says:

    I am getting 57 marks in mechanical. What will be my expected rank?

  99. gate expert says:

    Could you please tell me what the cutoff for instrumentation in gate 2013?

  100. greeshma says:

    sir, iam getting 32 marks in gate2013 EE paper .i belong to OBC category.what would be my rank. can i expect seat in any NITs or state level universities like JNTU,OSMANIA UNIVERSITIES.

  101. kedhar says:

    i am getting approx 30-32 marks in cs can you predict my rank

  102. sai says:

    my gate score is around 50+….my expected rank would be??

  103. Anand says:

    What would be expected rank for 37.3 marks in EC this year?

  104. DURGAPRASAD says:


  105. amit says:

    I am geting 44.33 marks in ece gate 2013, how much rank i can expect? and can i get even nits or not?

  106. Ravi says:

    I am getting 35 marks in CE can i get seat in good nit in OBC

  107. sukanya says:

    sir,i score 35 marks.can you please tell what is the range of my rank may be

  108. Vaishaly N says:

    I m getting 27 in ece.
    Will i qualify in Gate 2013?? And if so, wht shud i prefer doing nxt?

  109. ashish says:

    I am getting 33.60 in ECE aprt from doing MTECH any other job opportunity for me

  110. Hemant says:

    i got 36.7 in 2013(Mechanical). wat would be my expected rank in gate 2013.

  111. malathi says:

    i got 32 marks ece2013 and i come under obc category what is the expected rank will i get any nit or any universities

  112. Jithin says:

    MY Expected mark in civil is 45 . What Will be my rank in gate 2013 ?

  113. INDRAJEET says:

    my expected marks in ee is 25….what will be my positon in gate 2013?

  114. vipin says:

    i got 28.7 marks in me. what will be the rank???

  115. chikka vijay kumar says:

    sir i hav got 79.36 in ece stream. what will be the rank

  116. milan raval says:

    i got around 43 in ec branch can u predict my rank and suggest good university

  117. Prerna Sharma says:

    i got 20 in cs branch ? can u predict wat rank i would get

  118. sonal motwani says:

    my gate score is 12 in ee.can i get gov. jobs through gate.


    mah expected marks is 43 civil engi. tell me abt mah air… nd sggst me for good istitude for mtech as per mah gate marks

  120. sudhanshu says:

    what would be my expctd prcntile if my marks in ece paper is 34.4

  121. akhalesh says:

    Mt expected marks in ee is 39.33.can i get the call from PSUs .I am belonging from SC category

    • dinesh Gupta says:

      no their is no option expected cut off marks of psu in EE is 60

      • ajit kumar jha says:

        My son scored32 marks.Branch is Electrical engg.
        Ibelong to general category, will Iget any iit .nit forM.Tec admission or jobs in PSU.Also suggest me for better future.

  122. prashant mishra says:

    i expect to get 33 marks in ce paper.. Waht would expected score?

  123. Aashish Kumar says:

    hiiii sir i have got 49.33 marks in gate 2013 can i got any iit or nit

  124. amit says:

    sir i m getting 47 marks in gate branch is electrical engg and i belong to general category.will i get any iit?

    • RAMAN R says:

      My daughter scored 48.33% in GATE 2013 in Metallurgical Engineering.

      Whether my daughter will get admission in IIT CHENNAI IN M.TECH COURSE IN Metallurgical Engg.

      Kindly post me a reply.

  125. siva says:

    How many marks are expect for OBC candidate for getting NIIT colleges in stream of mechanical

  126. mayur says: gate score is around 31 in ece and I belong to sc cat..can I get nits

  127. pranav says:

    sir i got 30.33 marks ECE rank 20000(open) in which collegei can get admission in MAHARASHTRA ????

  128. nilesh says:

    sir, my gate score is 28.66. can i get admission anywhere. OR
    for a general category with 28.66 marks can i get admission

  129. sheena says:

    my marks is 32-33 in gate in civil engineering, what rank should i expect? i am in st category

  130. gaurav dwivedi says:

    sir i have got 57 marks in ec in gate 2013 which constitutes gate score of 612 . is there any mtech chance in iits?

  131. Kamlesh says:

    my gate score 2013 me branch (general) is 465 and 41.67/100? What should I do?

  132. Sushil Jadhav says:

    Hello sir,
    I got 26.67 score in gate 2013.where can i get admission. (ECE)

  133. Sumit Dekavadia says:

    Sir i got 31.33 marks and 307 gate score in 2012 in CSE. So m i qualified in this year ? and whats my new marks according to GATE 2013 ?

  134. R.Ahmad says:

    I got marks below cut off marks,
    Thats why i am not able to take admission in any institute,then what can i do,plZ suggest me

  135. Neha says:

    My GATE rank is 827 & GATE score is 632.
    What are the best options for me? Is there any possibility of me getting NSIT or DCE, delhi?
    Kindly suggest as soon as possible.

  136. meenu says:

    Sir i got 35.67 marks and 366 gate score in 2012 in CSE. So m i qualified in this year ? and whats my new marks according to GATE 2013 ?

  137. sandeep kumar says:

    sir i am a 3rd year student of ee branch kindly provide me that how much marks are required for admission in top colleges

  138. msn says:

    i got air 937 mechanical
    SC catagory
    what chances for IITB, IITK, IITM DESIGN?

  139. Vinay says:

    I got 29.3 marks obc category which to which colleges in Pune city i should apply for admission

  140. hrishikesh dutta says:

    i got 28.33 marks in 2013 gate mechanical.kindly tell me whether i will get admission in metech in any college or not

  141. Sudhir mishra says:

    Respected sir, i had got 38.33 marks in GEN CATEGORY and my gate score was 431 in 2012 in mechanical stream , and i have obtained 84.4% mark in B.TECH.can i get admission in any IIT OR NIT ,soon give good suggestion.i will be grateful to you.

  142. mrudula says:

    i got 25 marks in EE stream… and cutoff mark is 25.74
    is there any chance that cut off mark wil reduce to 25…then i wil be qualified

  143. Prabin says:

    I got 47.67 marks in GATE-13(ECE)and my score is 520. Can i get any NITS pls suggest me….

  144. Sagar Pachauri says:

    sir i have got AIR 7983 in gate 2013 through ME paper and secured 35.67 marks also my GATE SCORE is 401…….now from this score where and for which college i should try for mtech….please suggest…..

  145. Sagar Pachauri says:

    sir, i have got AIR 7983 in GATE 2013 exam (ME),general category..and secured 35.67 marks also my GATE SCORE is 401…nor from this score where and for which college i should try for
    please suggest me……..

  146. Richa says:

    sir my gate score is 398 and rank is 8459 in CS/IT and marks 26.67 and percentile is 96.22 sir kindly help me in which colleges I can get seat in DELHI NCR. i have 1.6 professional experience. kindly suggest me which colleges can i get.

  147. Priya Prajapati says:

    hello my GATE SCORE IS 45.67

  148. prem says:

    sir my marks in computer sc. is 46. what are my chances for IIT and NITs?

  149. Ajay says:

    I have secured 36 marks in GATE 2013 in comp. science.I belong to OBC Non Creamy Layer.Which IITs/NITs can i expect a call from??
    Thanks in advance

  150. lijo says:

    sir i got air698 my score is 634 can i get into iit’s
    please respond

  151. Sagar Pachauri says:

    i have GATE SCORE 401 and my marks are 35.67 and AIR 7983 in ME ,GEN category…
    please suggest me some good colleges which will be best for doing mtech…… any NIT college???

  152. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    I have scored 18.67 in GATE-2013(SC category). My all India rank is 31395 in CSE. Please suggest me some good Colleges which I can get. Any NIT college that can be taken by me as per my Rank.


      My son scored marks in HSC(+2)is 1090 out of 1200(Tamil Nadu Board) and also he scored 35 marks in JEE main exam. Please answer me what will be the cut of mark for NIT admission.

      Subject wise Marks.

      Tamil – 183/200
      English – 182/200
      Physics – 177/200
      Chemistry 188/100
      Maths 190/200
      Biology 170/200

      Total – 1090/1200

  153. Sagar Pachauri says:

    i think rank is not same ……..

  154. Anuj Samariya says:

    My GATE-2013 score in CS is 435 and my rank is 5837.Will i get any NIT.If yes which Nit’s i will get.Other colleges in which i apply?

  155. Tarun Goel says:

    MY GATE SCORE IS 289 and AIR is 19698 can u please suggest in which colleges i can get admission in mtech.

  156. Rajib says:

    My gate score is 218 n 274 .my gate marks is 18.33 sc catagory which college you suggest me..

  157. Rajeshwari says:

    My air rank in c.s in gate 2013 is 2821. I belongs to obc. Which n.i.t i cn xpct? Plz hlp.

  158. reema says:

    i wrote gate in score is 614 and air is 941. can i expect call from p.s.u??

    • lakshmi says:

      do u have idea about the gate2013 cutoff for PSUs??
      and also is any psu released the shortlisted candidates??

      • JITENDRA SINGH says:


  159. Disha says:

    I have a gate score of 567 and my air is 1633 in cs.
    plz suggest which colleges can i expect??

  160. kokila says:

    My gate-2013 score is 453, AIR- 8274 in EC branch. I belong to OBC category. Will i get admission in IIT or NIT? please guide.

  161. jay chavda says:

    my gate 2013 score is 323(22.33) in cs.can I get admission in any nit?please replay

  162. gaurav says:

    my gate score 2013 is 23.67.
    i got rank of 15167.
    i m in NC_OBC.
    am i eligible for any iit’s or nit’s?

  163. rashi says:

    what colleges can i get with the rank 1390 in instrumentation through gate????????????

  164. vignesh says:

    My gate score 2013 is 295 and my rank is 7587 am i eligible for nit’s

  165. dipankar kakati says:

    i hv got 34.33 marks in the gate2013 and my air is 8925. can i get silchar nit???

  166. KANHAIYA says:

    I want to know when we will get our category ranking. It is given that the category ranking will be sent to the mail but till now we didn’t get the category ranking.

  167. Nafeesa says:

    I have GATE score 40 out of 100..And my rank is 2255 in Biotechnology engineering..can u plz suggest me some best biotechnology colleges in India

  168. ramanji says:

    i scored 338 in gate exam and AIR 1313 in chemical engineering, and i belong to general category, can you inform me in which college i can get for m tech?

  169. Sathish says: gate 2013 score is 378(ECE) .marks.33.67 .AIR 15424 obc. Can i get in any nits or ou,jntu clg. ? Pls suggest me

  170. suneel says:

    sir. my gate score is 542 & gate rank 856 and 51 marks in civil
    can i expact construction engg & mgt in iit delhi,?
    i have 8.9 cgpa also ..
    please suggest me

  171. Ashish Patil says:

    gate rank 825 score 632
    Can i get IIT rooraki guwahati and kharagpur??

  172. rajesh says:

    i have got 22.30 in gate 2013(ST category). my all india rank is 27,520 in electrical engineering.please suggest any good colleges which i can get in.any nit college as per my rank

  173. anushka says:

    i have sored 41 marks in gate 2013 with ec branch and belongs to obc is their any chance to get admitted to nit’s.

  174. Rajvi Shah says:

    I got 35 marks and my score is 392.My AIR in EC branch is 13898 .I belong to GEN category.In which NITS or other colleges can i get admission for mtech??Please suggest…Thank you….

  175. Rajvi Shah says:

    I got 35 marks and my score is 392.My AIR in EC branch is 13898.I belong to GEN category.Please suggest me some good colleges NITS where i can apply for mtech.

  176. gagan says:

    I have scored 20 in GATE-2013(SC category). will i aligible for admission in NIT ot IIT in any branch.if yes then suggest me colleges and branch plzz its a reqst.

  177. rama krishna says:

    my gate score in 2013 in 355 marks are24.67 in sc category cs paper
    iam in final sem of mtech and where can i get phd admission through this gate

  178. sathish reddy says:

    my gate rank is 2395&gate score is 50.5 can i get a better nit to do mtech

  179. jayalakshmi says:

    im jayalakshmi.I’ve secured 19.33 marks in GATE 2013 in CS.I belong to SC.can i get NIT’s warangal or trichy or JNTU-k,AU,OU,JNTU-HYD.

  180. jayalakshmi says:

    im jayalakshmi.I’ve secured 19.33 marks(SCORE-280,RANK-28577) in GATE 2013 in CS.I belong to SC.can i get NIT’s warangal or trichy or JNTU-k,AU,OU,JNTU-HYD.

  181. raviprasad says:


  182. raviprasad says:


  183. shreya jain says:

    I have got a score of 388 is there any chance of getting any nit

  184. SUNITA VERMA says:


  185. vikas marla says:

    Please reply soon not yet filled GATE application form!
    To whom it may concern,
    Greetings! This is Vikas Marla , Final year biomedical engineering student from MUMBAI, the question is simply strange but important for me. As I am biomedical engineer student there is no separate exam for biomedical in GATE .Thus we have 2 options either go for ECE or IN, since syllabus in both ECE and IN were there in my undergraduate course( except 1 or 2 subjects additional ,where IN a bit more familiar than ECE but ECE is still ok) . Please clear me out which is better to choose with reasons (considering which has more competition and which has more number of course available for Mtech) Thank you!

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