How to Prepare for Board Exams

How to Prepare for Board Exams: -

This article “How to Prepare for Board Exams” is dedicated to all students who are going to appear in the board exams. Every student must have to go through out the board exam in his / her life. The obtaining marks of the board exams play most important role to build the good career or we can say in other words that board marks having the high importance that helpful in the bright future.

Today I am going to share the wonder tips that surely helpful to increase your marks in the board exams. It’s doesn’t matter that you are in the 10th class or 12th class, main thing behind the preparation of the board exams same that I am going to share with you. It’s not a fun or joke, first off all you have to serious about your exams for which you are looking to preparation in a systematic manner and in the best way.

How to Prepare for Board ExamsIt’s perfect time to prepare for board exams in a proper way. There are many students who going to appear in the board examination. Many of the students worried about the board examination.

First of all ask these questions to yourself –

Are you going to appear in the any board exam?

Are you really excited to increase your marks?

Do you want to lead your competitors?

Do you want to see your name in the merit list?

Do you see your future as a bright future?

If reply comes “Yes” then you are right place. I am going to share many different tips and tricks that will guide you to achieve your target. Read carefully my all methods mentioned below and then start from today to implement.

  1. Reading, Speaking and Writing: – It is the most powerful technique which every student should apply in their exam mainly in the board exams. Reading is the way by which we can catch only 30% and will be remember for a short time, most of students opt this way because they don’t know about “Reading + Speaking” that’s the another way to increase your caching ability up to 60%. If you speak your study material or book along with the reading then you can lead the students who using only reading method, some students already using this technique in fact getting benefits also. But still you are missing the blasting powerful method that’s “Reading + speaking + Writing”, only few students who are use this technique. I don’t know why you are not using this classic key. I know this is little tough initially to writing along with reading and speaking but my dear friends this the best way by which you can lead the competitors and can see yourself in the merit list. Let me explain in details, by using this way (Reading + speaking + Writing), a students can catch 90% in fact for a long period also. In order to implement this technique first of all you have to purchase extra rough notebook after that everything that you are going to read should be written along with the speaking. This is also helpful if are unable to remember the long formula then write again and again that formula along with speaking and you should write that formula until you can write that without watching in the book. If you opt this way and in case if you forget that formula in the exam then your hand automatically writes that formula and you will get the success. It is says that “Practice makes a man perfect”, yes this is fact and you should try until you not get the perfection in your ability. Let’s start try from today and continue this practice at least three weeks (21 days). I said 21 days because to implement a new technique in your life you should perform hard work at least 21 days then it will be a normal habit for you.
  2. Write all thing before reading: – This way generally use in the revision times, you should write all notes / answers which are already read by you earlier, now times to show your performance, just write the all answers that’s you still remember and then match in your notebook that how was accurate you are. By using this way to you will be able to save a lots of time mean if you write the correct answer then you no need to waste your time for that questions.
  3. Test yourself on a regular basis: – It’s the best way to analysis yourself. Mostly test conducts from the schools on a regular schedule but if in case you unable to reach / take that tests then you should opt this way at your home in easy way, just select your important questions and assign a fix time then start to take exam yourself. Keep in mind during the test; treat yourself as in the examination hall.
  4. Revised notes on daily basis: – This is another powerful key factor that helpful to save your time and remember for a long time. In order to opt this way you have to daily revise your class notes, in the school time, you should revised the class notes on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date.
  5. Never miss the class: – Generally students don’t take this point seriously but students who are using this way surely getting extra advantage. Its best way to make a good relation between teacher and student.
  6. Give the proper time to all subjects: – Generally students give the extra time to their favorite subjects but keep in mind that there are other subjects also which also have high weight age in the marks but you give read them for a less time because either they tough or you don’t like that subjects. Try to cover all subjects within the time.

Start from today to use all the techniques and continue till at least 21 days, then I am sure you will get the benefits surely. Hope you will like this article and let me know for any further assistance. Wish you all the best to every student who is going to appear in the board exam. Thanking You.

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16 comments on “How to Prepare for Board Exams
  1. Bhaskar says:

    I’m Not Good In Business Stuydies And English.What Should I Do For This?

  2. Soumen says:

    Yea, i am using these technique.

  3. PREM BISHT says:


  4. kritika rana says:

    My writing speed is very slow. What should i do for increasing my writing speed ?
    suggest me something.

    • sajal says:

      Just like you, My writing speed is slow too.But now I understood that writing does not matters at all.Therefore now I am not having any writing speed problem.

      Also to practice maths is a great technique to speed up your writing.

      GO FOR IT!

  5. vinita yadav says:

    thanks a lot i am in 9 but i will follow thesetips from today i need above 90% marks

  6. Zubair says:

    tommorow is my civics.there r 6 chapters one chapter will i can preapre..plz tell any solution

  7. sahil pradhan says:

    thanks for your suggestions hope it works n me n my friend score above 90% in the class 12th board exams!!!!!

  8. kanika says:

    how to design a study timetable for study well for board 10 class exams

  9. Aparna says:

    (its urgent!)how to make time table ? could u suggecst me the time table?

  10. nivipriya says:

    As i take more time to learn give me some instruction about time management. Plz….

  11. Reshi zahid says:

    i think practice onLy PracTises a Man Not mAkes PerFect! Isn,t it true!

  12. Sarthak Sharma says:

    How can I improve my paper attemptation?

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