Humanities is a particular discipline of study in India. Humanities mainly deal with the political science and social sciences. The scope of this subject is vast in the arts stream. For understanding the social needs and social happenings in the country, study of humanities is the necessary. There are many subjects under humanities which forms the foundation of the social aspects of the country. It includes the study of arts, culture, environment, the ancient literature etc. the article provides the information regarding the scope of the humanities study in India.

What is Humanities? Answer: – The subjects which were there for the students in the school life had some importance or the other in the real life and it had some effects on the society. However some part of the society only revolves on the scientific aspects of the study considering scientific principles. So people are only focused mainly on the result oriented scientific principles which is nothing but the happenings or phenomena. But sometimes science does not understand the feelings of human sentiments so at that time humanities as a part of social science comes in to picture. In humanities the focus is only on the human life, their living, their psychology, their culture etc. some of the additional aspects include political, social, economic which forms the edifice of the humanities study for the country. All these aspects mentioned above are packed in a broad subject called humanities or social sciences.

The methodical approach of the study of the humans in the society and their behavior with the other entities and relations is called social science. It is considered to be one of the ancient subjects which deals with human society. The human activities related to social aspects like art, culture, how humans got these set of traditions from their ancestors and how they are preserving even in today’s modern technology generation. In economic activities we try to learn regarding the economy of the country, the past economic conditions and how at present development led to the changes in the economic policies in the government. Political aspect includes the study of the political structure of the country that how country was administered in the past and what reforms led to the changes to the present administration of the country.

For the development of any country study of humanities is must under social science stream. Social science or humanities not only provides the vast number of subjects within it individually but it also helps us to understand the interrelation between them. How the effect of the understanding of the one subject has great impact on the effect on the other subject. And without the inclusion of any one subject may not lead to complete humanities subject and the development of the country may suffer. Considering various theoretical dimensions and research methodologies the complete the humanities study is done. For providing intellectual conduct for the older disciplines humanities acts as a hallmark.

Government of India is in search of candidates who have proper knowledge of humanities so that their implementation of ideas could lead the country to the path of development. So any student after 12th can choose humanities under arts stream. We at online India education are here to help you with the humanities teaching colleges list and their information.

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    What are the schools in Kerala that offer the best coaching (CBSE and state syllabus) in Humanities for plus one?

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    Can We Apply For BANKING After Choosing Hummanities

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