JEXPO Application Form 2014

JEXPO Application Form 2014, JEXPO 2014 Admit Card Answer Key:-

JEXPO Application Form 2014:- West Bengal Council for Technical Education is going to be conducted the entrance exam of JEXPO. This is a state level exam in the state of West Bengal. This is an entrance exam for the admission to the polytechnic college. The council decides some eligibility criteria for the candidates. Candidates who are eligible and interested, they need to apply for the exam of JEXPO. JEXPO is a most popular exam in the state. A number of candidates take part in the of JEXPO. This exam is valid only for West Bengal state. This is a yearly exam of Polytechnic course. The details of educational qualification, exam date, application fee, how to apply, the selection process and other important details are mentioned below.

Education Qualification: – candidates who are going to apply for JEXPO, they must have passed in 12th class with the recognized board in any discipline.

JEXPO Application Form 2014:-

JEXPO Application Form 2014candidates who are interested, they can apply online from the official website of JEXPO. Candidates have to fill this application form in a proper manner.

Exam date: – JEXPO Exam date will be updated soon.

Application Fee: – the exam fee of JEXPO is Rs. 450/- before the last date. After the last date, candidates need to pay Rs. 350/- late fee.

Selection Process: – candidates will be selected on the basis of the written exam of JEXPO.

Admit card:- JEXPO Exam admit card will be updated before two weeks from exam. As soon West Bengal Council of technical education updated the JEXPO Admit card we will update here.

Answer Key:- JEXPO Answer key 2013 is published with in one or two days after the exam. So until your answer key is not published here you can discuss your question paper here by commenting below.

Contact Address :
West Bengal State Council of Technical Education,
“Kolkata Karigori Bhavan”,
110 S.N. Banerjee Road,
2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700 013, India.
Phone No. : 2227-7592 / 7070
Fax No. : 2227-7591

Web site: –

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55 comments on “JEXPO Application Form 2014
  1. Pranabesh says:

    Where is d AnswerKeys ?
    Plz Give Me D Link !!!

  2. kaustav ghosh says:

    How I get da answerkeys????
    Plz give me da link!!!!

  3. Soumyadip Roy says:


    i) Electrical Engg.
    ii) Mechanical Engg.
    iii) Civil Engg.

    For help.

    19000/- per semester.

  4. Pralay says:

    Direct Admission
    Contact :7384355888…… solve your problems.
    jexpo/B.Tech /BE
    Mechanical, Civil,Electrical/CSE/IT/
    All courses AICTE Approved.

  5. Pralay says:

    Direct Admission
    Contact :7384355888…… solve your problems.
    jexpo/B.Tech /BE
    Mechanical, Civil,Electrical/CSE/ITAll courses AICTE Approved.

  6. Suvra pal says:

    How much ‘ll i pay at the time of admission of JEXPO2013 in govt college?And what ‘ll i do for filling antiragging form?

  7. apurba says:

    Dear sir/madam
    i have a question that is on jexpo examination 2014,what is the age limit required for jexpo 2014?
    And another question is if the candied passed HS in arts subject than he face any problem?

  8. apurba says:

    what is the age limit required for jexpo 2014?

  9. arnab says:

    I am a hs passed (science) student. I scored 17 on math. Am i able to participate in jexpo 2014


    SIR, i am a student of class xii in arts. can i apply for JEXPO 2014?

    • ahamadulla laskar says:

      my brother is reading arts in 10+2 level. Can he participate in jexpo? His marks in math in 10 th standard was 35

  11. Mohasin Khan says:

    I have don’t study in science of H.S.can I apply for JEXPO examination?

  12. kushal says:

    Sir i am student of arts.can i apply for this job

  13. Chandan Mondal says:

    Sir,I am a student of class xii in arts stream,can I apply for JEXPO examination? please tell me when I can fiil up form for JEXPO???

  14. Arpan roy says:

    I want to know if the Jexpo 2014 will be changed ?

  15. AGNI says:

    I passed madhyamik exam in 2006 but failed H.S. exam in 2008. Can i apply for jexpo 2014.

  16. aniket kumar says:

    sir can any other state student can give thise jexpo exam?

  17. Saikat says:

    CAN COMMERCE STUDENTS GIVE THE ZEXPO EXAMS? Or it is only for science students only

    • Eligibility : Applicant(s) must be Indian citizen and should have passed Madhyamik
      Examination under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent
      Board/Council. Candidates due to appear in the Madhyamik or its equivalent examination
      in that year with Mathematics, Physical Science and English may also apply. Age- 21
      years as on 1st January (3 years relaxation for SC/ST students). Willing candidates may
      also see notification for admission in the website of the Technical Education & Training
      Department at

  18. babu says:

    sir,,I passed madhyamik in 2013..and now I’m still reading in class 11(running)with commerce stream….can I apply for jexpo for season 2014-15????????
    plz reply…….

  19. Sanjib goswami says:

    Sir, What Is The qualification for Jexpo 2014: Hs or Madhyamik. Plz clear it, as soon as possible.

  20. SUBRATA MONDAL says:


    • Hello
      1. Physics : 50 Question 50 Marks
      2. Chemistry : 50 Question 50 Marks
      3. Mathematics : 100 Question 100 Marks.
      Total marks 200.

      Syllabus of Physics And Chemistry for JEXPO 2014:

      1. System of measurements and Measuring devices.
      2. Matter and Energy
      3. Change of state
      4. Rest and Motion
      5. Displacement, Speed, velocity and Acceleration
      6. Newton’s Laws of Motion
      7. Work, Power, Energy
      8. Light
      9. Sound
      10. Structure of Atom
      11. Properties of gases-pressure and temperature
      12. Avogadro’s Law
      13. Simple weight-weight calculation using chemical equation.
      14. Heat
      15. Light: Lens and Dispersion
      16. Current Electricty and Electromagnetism
      17. Modern Physic


      1. Identification of matter : Physical and Chemical properties.
      2. Physical and chemical change.
      3. Separation of Mixtures.
      4. Solution
      5. Chemical reaction and chemical equation
      6. Oxygen
      7. Oxides, acids, base and salts
      8. Water, Nitrogen,Ammonia,Carbon,
      9. Fuel (Carbonaceous)
      10. Periodic Table
      11. Chemical Bonding
      12. Electronic theory of Oxidation and reduction
      13. HCl, Nitric acid and Sulfuric acid
      14. Some Important substances- nature and uses.
      15. Some metals: Aluminum, magnesium, zink,iron and copper
      16. Organic chemistry: What is organic chemistry, Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne, Monomer and polymer

      EXPO 2014 Mathematics Syllabus:


      1. Broader application of Rule of Three.Frequency distribution.
      2. Simple Interest
      3. Partnership Business- Application of ratio and proportion in its different problems.
      4. Acquaintance with the terms S.B, A/C, R.D. A/C,T.D. A/c, F.D. A/c, Bank Draft, Pass Book
      5.Miscellaneous problems on Mixture
      6. Profit and Loss
      7. Simple and Compound Interest
      8.Rate of growth related to social affairs
      9. Parentage, Mixture, Average
      1. H.C.F, L.C.m. of polynomials by Division Method and factorization method.Relation between L.C.M and H.C.F.
      2. Formation of Linear simultaneous equations of two variables and their solution
      3. Rectangular Cartesian Co-ordinate system. Co-ordinates of a point. Distance between two points on the axes.
      4. Solution of Quadratic Equations with rational roots. Acquaintance with Sridhar Acharya’s method.
      5. Problems on Ratio and Proportion. Variation : Direct and inverse variation, joint variation, theorem on joint variation.
      6. Inequations with one or two variables.
      7. Surd: Basic operations, quadratic surd.


      1. The state line. Drawn through the middle point of one side of a triangle parallel to the another side, bisects the third side and is equal to half of the second side. The Line segment joining the middle points of two sides of a triangle is parallel to the third side and equal to the half of it.
      2. Parallelogram on the same base and between the same parallels are equal area.
      3. Triangle on the same base and between the same parallels are equal in area.
      Triangles having equal area on the same base and on the same side of it are between the same parallel.
      4. A triangle and a parallelogram stand on the same base and between the same parallels. The area of the triangle is half that of the parallelogram.
      5. The perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle are concurrent.
      6. The perpendiculars drawn from the vertices of a triangle on the opposite sides are concurrent.
      7. The bisectors of the angles of a triangle are concurrent
      8. The medians of a triangle are concurrent
      9. Pythagoras theorem-Statement and application.
      10. All syllabus of Class X (West Bengal Board Secondary Education)(Madhyamik Examination)

      Mensuration :

      1. Perimeter and area of a rectangle, square,triangle, area of any rectilinear figure.
      2. Circumference and area of a circle.
      3. Problems related to surface and volume of a rectangular parallelepiped.
      4.All syllabus of Class X (West Bengal Board Secondary Education)(Madhyamik Examination)


      All syllabus of Class X (West Bengal Board Secondary Education)(Madhyamik Examination)

  21. senjuti says:

    when will the JEXPO application form publish? plz reply!!

  22. Biplab says:

    When the JEXPO-2014 form was published?

  23. ankit sasmal says:

    how i can get the application form?

  24. bikash ray... says:

    i am student of class xi( cbse)commerce can i apply for jexpo…

  25. kamal barman says:

    I passed class X. I give Jexpo Examination.

  26. Sudip says:

    Sir, I passed madhyamik in 2013. now I’m still reading in class 11(running). Can I apply for jexpo for this year(2014)….???

  27. palash bhawal says:

    sir now i am reading in class 12th in the stream of arts… can i apply this course from arts ?please sir give me your ans… as soon as possible….

  28. jyotiprokash das says:

    I read in part-ll.Can i apply in jexpo?

  29. jayanta maji says:

    Sir, ai year politacnic online form fill up hoba na form deoa hoba?From deoa hole ta koba theke deoa hoba?
    Plz help…..

  30. saddam hussain says:

    Addmision lena ke liya is me katna %mangta hai 39% wala ka bhe to addmision hota hai

  31. abhijit das says:

    ami madyamik 2013 te 70% .ami ki jexpo 2014 dite parbo

  32. Probir Kr. Choudhury says:

    ami madhymike 52% peyechhi 2011 te.ami 2014 te jexpo dite parbo to….

  33. biswajit chatterjee says:

    when will jexpo2014 online counciling started?? plz reply

  34. SOUMYADIP ROY says:

    For direct admission in
    Electrical Engg. Mechanical Engg.
    Civil Engg.
    In any college .
    Seats ar available…..

    Contact Me I Am Alwys Help For You.

    1/ 9800248977
    2/ 8514973186

  35. pralay sen says:

    Direct Admission
    Contact :7384355888…… solve your problems.
    jexpo/B.Tech /BE
    Mechanical, Civil,Electrical/CSE/IT/
    All courses AICTE Approved

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