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Mass Communication has become a widely used phrase today, especially among the youngsters. But what exactly is the mass communication? Well, mass communication is the study of media related topics and issues. It is generally related to television and films, publishing, radio, newspaper and much more. Media comprises of various factors like: – production, execution, planning, packaging, executing, marketing, advertising, events, animation and gaming, software development and what not to mention about.

In today’s competitive world, having professional education is of the utmost importance in every field. Mass communication also has specialized courses for those who wish to pursue a career in it. Mass communication is all about corporate communication, television industry, internet, market research, event management, public relation, broadcast journalism, TV production as well as direction.

If you will see today, media has reached everywhere. The action stuff attracts the media, be it social parties, stage shows, seminars, it is everywhere in all sections of human life.

Why students should go for Mass Communication ? Answer: – Mass Communication is one of the most happening field in the glamorous world of today. Students can get a lot of exposure to the real word through this course, rather than sitting in a closed class room and following traditional study methods. Students develop their personality as they get live platform of the real events happening in the world. Moreover, they get chance to travel all over the world due to projects, events and all. Most of the Mass communication courses are taught by the professionals, so the students can gain valuable knowledge from them. Various Universities for Mass Communication.

Students can go for mass communication courses at graduate as well as undergraduate level. Universities like Delhi university, Mumbai university, Kolkatta university as well as Madras university offer courses pertaining to mass communication. Also number of private institutions mushrooming in the country who offer mass communication courses. Some of them include :
CRAFT: Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (Delhi)
NICC: National Institute of Creative Communication situated at Bangalore.
AJK Mass Communication Research center (Delhi)
SNDT University (Mumbai)
Xavier Institute of Communication (Mumbai)
Times School of Journalism (Delhi)
Bhavan’s Institute of Communication and Management (Mumbai)
Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)
R.K. Films and Media Academy (Delhi)
Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (Delhi)
Symbiosis Institute of India (Pune)
Manorama School of Communication (Kottayam, Kerala)
Asian College of Journalism (Chennai)
Mudra Institute of Communication (Ahmedabad)

The topics covered under this course include Cinematography, Creative Writing, Fashion Photography and Videography, Sound Recording, print media design, 3D Modeling and animation, retail design, radio jockey, Visual communication, Acting and modeling, packaging design, illustration, industrial design. The general duration for this course is 1 and half to 3 years.

So there are ample of placements in India the only thing candidates need is alertness and making use of opportunities coming on their way through various enquiries with the consultancies for their better future.

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