India is the largest country in terms of population. And in this large populated country the opportunities are also more in terms of the jobs. There vast sectors of professional studies like medical engineering, architecture, astronaut engineering etc. earlier education was not considered as an important part of life and people where happy with what they had. They never had broad outlook toward life. With agriculture as the major occupation was practiced by people and whatever they earned they saved it for themselves. With the traditional beliefs and false customs they used to neglect diseases and consider it as the curse of their lords etc. these false customs tried to came to an end as technology took pace over the time. And people came to know the importance of the studies and from normal studies people felt the need for professional studies. There are various sectors of education which are helpful to our society either in some way or other.

Importance of medical studies: – The number of various diseases taking toll could not be overlooked so science played an important part in everyone’s life. Medical science was the path through which the society could make their life better. With the help of medical science the number of death toll decreased and the number of birth rates increased to great extent. All these were possible only because of the medical science study. During the ancient times of Vedas medicine branch in India is one of the finest and evolved branches with vast sub-branches within it. The only thing required was the bunch of masses that could carry the knowledge forward. People from foreign countries are approaching India for the ancient techniques of curing diseases.

Problem is the country: – Few decades’ earlier students in the medical field were very few and everyone diverted to other professional braches which can gain them good salary packages like engineering, business etc. the main reason was people only used to think that medical studies are the toughest professional course to crack and me a doctor, but this was merely the myth when the number of students kept increasing in the medical branch. The population of the country is so huge that the number of doctors fell short for treating the patients all over the country. People of the urban areas were treated and they got cured but people from remote villages could not be cured and they used to lose their life due to dreadful diseases. Government made an addressing for the students saying for each 5000 beds a doctor is needed than only the whole country can be free from dreadful diseases and people will get a proper treatment. The main reason behind this was to bring professional doctors every year to meet the condition of the 5000 hospital bed patients.

Government assistance: – Government of India has introduced various entrance exams so that students can appear those exams and gain a medical seat for themselves. The cutoffs for these exams are also decreasing every year so that more students can get admission in the medical college. There is a huge scope of medical exams. Students can either go for MBBS, BDS, ayurvedic, unani branch of medical sciences. Moreover government is also providing scholarships for the students who are applying for medical seat. The criteria is qualifying the intermediate and the entrance exams like MHT-CET in Mumbai, PMT, and AIIMS which are all over India exams.

Students must be given proper guidance regarding choosing the career making them realize the need of the country and the ample opportunities provided by the government in the medical field students must be suggested to choose medical as their professional courses after the intermediate.

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