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Parents’ behavior: – All over the country parents are very much concerned about their children studies. As soon as their children become of school going age they try to make the in which they must take their child’s admission. They start running here and there consult friends and relatives regarding various schools. They try to observe the children of their relatives and their performance and their behavior both academically and in terms of extra-curricular activities. They try to reach a conclusion by observing the overall performance of that child and depending on that draw a picture of the school in their mind. And depending on this sketch they assume various facts about the facts. Even after asking so many kith and kin they try to derive their own conclusions like how the school is? How the faculty is? Are there necessary amenities in the school, what is rank of the school in their city, what is the performance of the students in the school etc. and based on these conclusions they take a decision in which school to make their child’s admission.

Preference of good schools based on various factors: – Depending on the various needs of the parents, parents search the schools. Parents prefer that the schools must be near to their residence while some prefer international schools to meet the international needs in this competitive world. At online India education provide you with all the lists of the schools all over the country citiwise, their performance and their rank in that particular city. All the categories of schools like convent schools, government schools, play schools, local schools; international schools information is provided by us.

We update all the information about the achievements of the school, developments made in the infrastructure of the school, various programs conducted by the school both educationally and socially out of the school, the contribution of the faculty members and the school authorities in the development of the school and the development of the career of the students both academically and in terms curricular activities. And at last overall the rank of the school. We also update the names of the new schools in the database in the cities.

Ranking of the school: – Ranks are allotted to the schools in cities depending on the students’ performance and annual scores of each year and their extracurricular activities like sports and other competitions in and out of the school. The participants who win the medals and trophy under the name of the school earns the points to the schools and depending on the survey conducted among the common people the schools are given ranks. Ranks are also allotted in terms of the social activities done by the schools for the welfare of the society which is also the part of the education. Creating awareness regarding global warming, effects of smoking, planting trees campaign etc. also adds the credits to the schools performance and contribution towards improving the situation of the society.

Some of the best schools are the army school in different parts of the country, DP Goenka Public school, DAV public school, are top rated in the cities and the students are best both in terms of studies and sports. Moreover there boarding schools in India which maintain a discipline in the child. Students get benefitted towards all their life from the discipline and the manner of conduct gained from the boarding schools. Pune boarding school is one of the boarding school in Pune is one of the reputed boarding school in India.

By making all the enquiries with peers and relatives, by performing a survey of the schools and depending on the performance of the schools and their ranks parents must take their child’s admission in the schools

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