Students after completing their schooling think of choosing the best stream which will help them to make a bright future in that particular career. Most of the times it is the recommendation of their parents while sometimes students know the benefits and so they choose that field, while some students being unaware of the streams they prefer what their friends choose while some choose the streams by imitating their seniors.

There are basically three main streams sciences; commerce, arts and rest are the vocational streams which are the derivatives of the science streams, commerce or arts stream. Some students make the selection of the stream thinking that they do not have to work hard later and enjoy their life. But the reality is that whatever streams students choose they have to work hard. Without hard work there is no gain. And all the streams are equally important for the professional life because one can’t run without the other.

Selection of science stream: – It is observed that students who have scored high marks usually choose science stream. But it is not at all a compulsion to choose science stream if one has good marks in class tenth. While those bright student can also go for commerce or arts. And students who have scored less marks but has the interest in taking admission in the science is unable to get admission in the good colleges Due to government’s new policy students are now free to take admission in any stream with whatever marks they scored. Students who have scored low marks can now take admission in science stream.

Importance of science stream: – Science is usually a vast stream as compared to other two streams. Today whatever we do has some science behind it. Without science life would have been incomplete and we would not have been developed so far. From medical to engineering it’s the science which is necessary to be studied. Every minute particle is made of atom and so the human body is nothing but the composition of these minute atoms, and it was discovered by science.

It is really insane thing to underestimate science in present world. It has been discovered that science is the skeletal of human existence. Various ups and downs, miracles are seen only because of the science. From the various discoveries made by the scientists in the atomic science to the various medical inventions made in the medical science is the blessing of this word science. The communication in today’s world through mobiles would not have been possible without science.

The usage of computer was only possible because of the science. Prediction of whether, discovering solar system, there is no milestone left and no entity is complete without science. Science is adored so much because there is the real experiment performed, there are statistics and a systematic approach is observed in the science researches. From the Latin word ‘scientia’ the word science is derived which means knowledge. For all the happenings which are superstitious or superficial science has a logical and physical explanation for each of these happenings. Science has been broadly classified into physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and each of these branch is utmost important each of this branch is interrelated.

Students can take admission in science stream by applying in various colleges by going through the brochures and our online portal which provides the complete information regarding the college and the eligibility criteria for getting the admission in that college.

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