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The administrations of this site www.onlineindiaeducation.com (“Website”) are accessible just to the enlisted (“Users”) on a solitary client foundation, for a specific time of time on making the stipulated instalment and keeping the material terms and conditions. The said administrations are particular in nature and can’t be allotted or exchanged to or imparted to whatever possible individual other than the enlisted clients. The administrations offered by DLB InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. The organization that possesses and works the Website are recorded in portion on the Website.

By enrolling yourself as a client and subscribing to benefit the administrations of this Website, it will be considered that you have perused, grasped and consented to completely maintain all the terms and states of the Website as held thus. Further, by enrolling on the Website, you consent to:

  • Reach parts accessible to Online India Education accomplices with the intention that you may be reached by Online India Education accomplices for instruction data through message, phone and SMS;
  • Appropriate limited time mails/special offers from the Website or any of its accomplice sites; and/ or
  •  Be reached by Online India Education as per the security settings set by you.

The right to utilize the administrations of the Website is on revocable permit / authorization support according to the terms and conditions held thus. With the exception of the utilization of the administrations throughout the permit period, the enrolled clients ought not to have any right or title over the Website or any of its substance.

Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Online India Education online administrations, you should acquire access to the World Wide Web, either straight or through units that right to gain entrance electronic substance, and pay any administration expenses connected with such access. Likewise, you will have admittance to all gear fundamental to make such an association with the World Wide Web, incorporating a workstation and modem or different access mechanisms.

User Obligations

In light of your utilization of the administrations, you consent to give adjust, exact, forward and finish data about yourself as needed by the administration’s enrolment structure wherever vital; and keep up and immediately upgrade the enlistment information to keep it accurate, precise, current and complete.

Provided that you furnish any data that is untrue, incorrect, not exceptional or inadequate, or if Online India Education has sensible grounds to suspect that such data is untrue, off base, not current or fragmented, Online India Education has the right to suspend or end your record and deny any and all present or prospective utilization of the administration’s (or any share thereof).

Provided that you are straightforwardly subscribing as a client of this Website, you speak to and warrant that you are no less than 18 years of age and that you control the legitimate right and limit to utilize the administrations of Online India Education as a part of understanding with the expressed terms and utilization strategies. In cases, where a minor underneath the age of 18 years of age, needs to utilize this site, such a client might appropriately enlist himself through his guardian/ parent and such a guardian/ parent thusly consents to as needs be enrol and administer use by, and be answerable for the activity of any such minors who utilize the machine or secret key to gain entrance to the Online India Education. The guardian/ parent ought enter into this concurrence for benefit of such minor, and tie him/her as per all terms and condition herein.

Purchasing and Ordering Disclaimer

Make Your Own Decisions:

Assuming that you are settling on significant acquiring or arranging choices, if particular or business choices, you might as well take a gander at a genuine exhibit model of any item you are recognizing before making your imperative obtaining or arranging choices. (Contact a supplier, store, or maker in regards to taking a gander at any exhibit units.) All choices made might be truly your right and Online India Education does not case to offer any consultation, either lawful or money related.


All costs are liable to change without notice. Each exertion has been made to guarantee precise evaluating of the items emphasized on our site. In the occasion a part or adornment is requested and the recorded value has transformed, you will be advised preceding our transforming your request. Buy “as may be.” You concur that all items acquired by you through this site are furnished under guarantees, if any, of the producer just, and not by Online India Education. All items are furnished by Online India Education on “as may be” premise with no representations or guarantees of any sort from Online India Education.


If you don’t mind note that the secret word created by you for gaining entrance to the Website ought not be impacted by you to any other person at whatever time. Kindly likewise note that particularly concerning the items bought by you, the same have been authorized to you by Online India Education for your own utilization just and you can’t impart your watchword to others or permit others to utilize the paid courses. This will be a terrible violation of the permit terms overseeing the paid items.

Use of Website

Prohibited Activities

You speak to, warrant, contract and attempt that you should not have, show, transfer, alter, distribute, transmit, redesign or offer any data on the Website, that:

a)      Fits in with an alternate individual and to which you don’t have any right to;

b)      Is horribly hurtful, bugging, profane, defamatory, indecent, obscene, paedophilic, libellous, obtrusive of an alternate’s security, derisive, or racially, ethnically offensive, decrying, identifying or supporting cash laundering or betting, or generally unlawful in any way whatever;

c)       Hurt minors in any method;

d)       Infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other restrictive rights;

e)      Abuses any law until further notice in energy;

f)       Swindles or misdirects the recipient about the cause of such messages or conveys any data which is horribly hostile or threatening in nature;

g)      Mimic an alternate individual;

h)      Holds programming infections or whatever possible machine code, documents or systems intended to intrude, wreck or limit the purpose of any computer asset;

i)        undermines  the unity,  uprightness, defence,  security or  sway of  India,  benevolent  relations with  remote  states,  or  open  request  or causes induction to the requisition of any cognisable offence or forestalls  examination  of  any  offence  or  is  offending  any  other country.

You further speak to, warrant, contract and embrace that your utilization of the Website ought not:

  1. Maltreat any appropriate neighbourhood, common, state, national or universal law, statute, statute, principle or regulation;
  2. Meddle with or upset PC systems associated with the Website;
  3. Imitate whatever viable individual or element, or make any distortion as to your business by or connection with whatever possible individual or substance;
  4. Manufacture headers or in any way control identifiers with a specific end goal to mask the cause of any client data;
  5. Transfer, post, transmit, distribute, or disseminate any material or data for which you don’t have all vital rights and licenses;
  6.  Transfer, post, transmit, distribute or disseminate any material which encroaches, defiles, ruptures or overall contradicts the rights of any alternate gathering, incorporating any copyright, trademark, patent, privileges of protection or exposure or any viable restrictive right;
  7. Meddle with or upset the utilization of the Website by any viable client, nor “stalk”, debilitate, or in any way bug an alternate client;
  8.  Transfer, post, transmit, distribute, or disseminate any material or data which holds a workstation infection, or other code, indexes or systems planning in any way to disturb or meddle with the working of the Website, or that of other machine frameworks;
  9. Utilize the Website as a part of such a way as to increase unapproved section or access to the machine frameworks of others;
  10.  Transfer, post, transmit, distribute or disperse any material or data which constitutes or energizes conduct that might constitute a criminal offence, offer ascent to other risk, or overall abuse appropriate law;
  11. Transfer, post, transmit, distribute, or disperse any material or data that is unlawful, or which might conceivably be observed as being hurtful, undermining, harsh, bothering, defamatory, libellous, disgusting, profane, or racially, ethnically, or generally offensive;
  12.  Imitate, duplicate, change, offer, store, appropriate or overall misuse for any business purposes the Website, or any part thereof (counting, yet not constrained to any materials or data approachable through the Website);
  13. Utilize any gadget, programming or normal to meddle or endeavour to meddle with the best possible working of the Website;
  14. Initiate any movement that infringes an absurd or lopsidedly huge stack on the Website framework;
  15. Any translation of test outcomes or study material other than as a device of studying and upgrading learning; or
  16. The tests and activities are made for you to test your comprehension of ideas and are not to be deciphered as an example address paper for any examinations.

Any substance transferred by you on the Website might be liable to pertinent laws and may be debilitated or may be liable to examination under proper laws. Besides, in the event that you are discovered to be in rebelliousness with the laws and regulations, these terms, or the protection strategy of the Website, Online India Education may end your account/block your right to gain entrance to the Website and Online India Education claims all authority to uproot any resistant substance transferred by you on the Website.

Online India Education claims all authority to evacuate any substance or joins that purportedly copyright whatever possible individual’s copyright at any purpose of time.

Programming (if any) that is made accessible to download from the Website, barring programming that may be made accessible by close clients through a Communication Service, (Software) is the copyrighted work of the programming supplier. Your utilization of the Software is legislated by the terms of the close client License Agreement unless you first consent to the License Agreement terms.

Online India Education saves the right, in its sole attentiveness, to end or decline all or part of its administrations, for any explanation for why without notice to you.

Delivery Policy

Conveyance implies the computerized download or the physical conveyance of subscribed substance to the clients. At present we have two modes of conveyance – online computerized download from the site and physical shipment like DVD.

  • Online computerized conveyance of substance is through web, i.e., downloading the subscribed course content from www.onlineindiaeducation.com site to Online India Education  programming
  • The physical conveyance of the paid membership will be delivered in 2 working days of the receipt of stores through speed post or dispatch like Blue dart. The conveyance commonly happens in 1-2 working days to metros and 3-4 working days to major towns. The client might track the shipment by logging into Online India Education  site, in situations where the shipment organization gives such office
  •  The physical medium connected with free Demo-DVD and so forth is transported by customary post in 2 working days of getting ask

The physical medium is delivered just to addresses in India as of now


Online India Education right now gives clients access to a rich collection/compilation of online instructive data and identified assets and so forth. As a client of the Website, you comprehend and concur that all the administrations gave are on an AS-IS premise and Online India Education  accept no risk for the correctness or culmination or utilization of, nor any obligation to upgrade, the data held on the Website

The information/material furnished on the Website is given on an “As Is” premise. Online India Education does not warrant the precision, fulfilment, non-out of date quality, non-encroachment, merchantability or fitness for a specific motivation behind the data accessible through the administrations on the Website. Online India Education likewise does not ensure that the administrations will be failure free, or ceaselessly accessible, or that the administration will be free of infections or other unsafe parts.

A few substances on the site might fit in with alternate parties. Such substance has been repeated in the wake of taking earlier authorization from the said party and the copyright of such substance might remain solely with the said alternate party. Online India Education ought not to be answerable for any missteps which may show up in such substance.

Online India Education disavows all avocations regarding any misfortune, damage, obligation or harm of any sort coming about because of an emerging out of, or any method identified with:

  • Any failures in or exclusions from the Website and its substance, incorporating however not constrained to specialized errors and typographical slips.
  • Any alternate party sites or content in that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way entered through connections in the Website, incorporating however not restricted to any mistakes in or oversights there from.
  • The inaccessibility of this Website or any allotment thereof.
  •  The utilization of any gear or programming in association with the Website by the utilization

Limitation of Liability

By no means might Online India Education be subject to any User for:

  • Loss, damage, claim, risk or harms of any sort coming about because of the utilization of or the failure to utilize the materials as a part of the Website, regardless of the possibility that Online India Education had been informed concerning the conceivability of such harms and paying little mind to the manifestation of movement, if in contract, expressed or overall.
    • Special, immediate, coincidental, reformatory, model or important harms of any sort whatsoever in any manner due, coming about because of or rolling out in association with the utilization of or the ineptitude to utilize the Website or its substance / materials; and
    •  Claim attributable to lapses, exclusion or mistakes in or dangerous lands of any data.

No Liability

It is the endeavour of Online India Education to guarantee that the data gave on the Web website is precise however does not ensure or warrant its exactness, sufficiency, rightness, legitimacy, fulfilment or suitability for any reason, and acknowledges no avocation concerning the data on the Website. Utilization of this Website, by suggestion, implies that you have experienced and consented to comply with the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimers of this Website. Online India Education does not assert that the data downloaded are cutting-edge, amend and slip free or that the servers that make Online India Education website accessible are free of infections or hurtful segments. Any dependence on the administration or database accessible through this administration is at the client’s own danger. Despite the fact that due forethought has been taken to make the database totally solid and lapse free, Online India Education asserts exclusion from any obligation coming up out of any such failure in the information base.

Third Party Advertising

There may be unbiased gathering data, promotion, and plans showed through this Web webpage. Online India Education disavows, without bounds degree admissible, the accuracy, reasonability, accessibility, merchantability or fitness of such data, commercial and plan. Online India Education thusly pronounces that the promoters and their customers and so on are none, of these its executor, accomplice or primary and Online India Education does not give any assurance or guarantee or any representation for any of the sponsors or their customers.

Any material downloaded and utilized ought to be at the danger of the client and no administrations utilised by this Web website should make any guarantee. Online India Education ought not mindful if any information/page is downloaded from Online India Education and in the wake of downloading complete/partial, text/information is altered/removed/obscured held in that.

Online India Education or its particular suppliers make no representations about the suitability, unwavering quality, accessibility, courses of events, of the items and administrations held on the Web website for any reason. All items, administrations are given “as seems to be” without guarantee of any sort. Or its separate suppliers therefore disavow all guarantees and conditions concerning this data, items, administrations incorporating all intimated guarantees and states of merchantability, fitness for a specific reason, title and non-encroachment.

In no occasion should Online India Education or its suppliers be obligated for any immediate, aberrant, corrective, accidental, exceptional, important harms or any harms whatsoever incorporating, without impediment, harms for misfortune of utilization, information or benefits, coming up out of or in any manner associated with the utilization or execution of the Online India Education Web webpage, with the postponement or failure to utilize the Online India Education Web website or identified administrations, the procurement of or washout to give administrations, or for any data, programming, items and administrations got through the Online India Education Web webpage, or generally going out of the utilization of Online India Education Web website, if dependent upon contract, carelessness, strict risk or overall, regardless of the possibility that Online India Education or any of its suppliers has been educated regarding the plausibility of harms.


As a client of this Web website, you consent to secure and completely repay Online India Education and its realm’s partners, for example, administration suppliers and innovation accomplices, from any and every one of the unbiased gathering cases, liabilities, harms, costs and expenses, incorporating, yet not restricted to, all lawful expenditures, coming up from your utilization of administrations on this area, your violation of the terms or your encroachment by any possible utilization of your record, of any scholarly property or other right of anybody.

Legitimate Jurisdiction

The laws of the Republic of India ought to oversee any question rolling out from the utilization of this Web webpage and the courts in New Delhi, India alone might have elite purview to manage all such matters.


This Agreement does not in any way make any relationship whatsoever as between you and the Online India Education, either as a joint step, organization, business, or office relationship. Execution of this understanding by Online India Education is liable to existing laws and lawful process in India, and nothing held in this assertion is in disparagement of the privileges of Online India Education to consent to legislative, court and law requirement asks for or necessities identifying with your utilization of Online India Education or data gave to or accumulated by Online India Education as for such utilization.

Unless overall specified thus, this Agreement constitutes the whole assertion between the client and Online India Education regarding the Online India Education site and it supersedes every single former correspondence and recommendations, if electronic, oral or composed, between the client and Online India Education concerning the Online India Education site.

Copyright Information

 All material accessible on this site Meritnation.com incorporating yet not restricted to, its plan, content, representation, screen shots, documents and the determination and course of action thereof is ensured by copyright laws. (Portrayed as DLB InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. All rights held.)

 Access to the Online India Education administrations and substance is liable to these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions hold guarantee disclaimers guidelines for connection to different sites & connecting disclaimer and constraint on utilization.

 Online India Education gives client of this site the consent to recreate duplicates of the material held in that strictly for individual information/private use and non- business utilize just.

Rights and Permissions

With the exception of Private utilization and non- business utilize, none of the Contents may be duplicated, recreated, circulated, republished, downloaded, showed, posted electronically or mechanically, transmitted, recorded, in any way, photocopied, or imitated without former composed assent of Online India Education. Whatever available utilization of materials on this site, incorporating any business utilize, generation for purposes other than that prominent above, change, dissemination, or republication without the earlier composed assent of Online India Education is strictly disallowed and may damage copyright or trademark laws.

The holders of the savvy property, copyrights and trademarks are Online India Education, its partners or third party gathering licensors. Any change, replicating, proliferation, republishing, transferring, posting, transmitting or conveying any material on this Website incorporating content, representation, code or programming is explicitly disallowed.

No response might be taken against Online India Education for any claimed or genuine encroachment or misappropriation of any restrictive rights in your interchanges to Online India Education At any stage, it is accepted that the substance showing up on this Website constitutes copyright encroachment of an alternate individual’s rights; the client may impart the same to us.

Notice of Copyright Information: We are not subject for any encroachment of copyright rolling out of materials posted on or transmitted through the Website, or things promoted on the Website, by finish clients or whatever viable alternate parties. In the occasion you have any grievance in connection to any substance transferred on the Website, you might contact our Grievance Officer; or compose at the accompanying address:

DLB Info Tech

10, Nanu Marg, Devi Nagar

New Sanganer Road

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

We ask for you to please give the accompanying data in your grievance: – (an) A physical or electronic signature of an individual sanctioned to follow up for sake of the copyright holder for the reasons of the objection. (b) Identification of the copyrighted work guaranteed to have been encroached. (c) Identification of the material on our site that is asserted to be encroaching or to be the subject of encroaching action. (d) The location, phone number or message address of the grumbling gathering. (e) A comment that the grumbling gathering has a great confidence conviction that utilization of the material in the way grumbled of is not commissioned by the copyright manager, its operator or the law. (f) A proclamation, under punishment of prevarication, that the data in the notice of copyright encroachment is precise, and that the griping gathering is commissioned to follow up for sake of the holder of the right that is supposedly encroached.

Mobile Services

  1. The subscriber profiting this administration should be esteemed to have agreed to be bound by all the relevant terms and states of this administration.
  2.  Decision of Online India Education with respect to all transactions under this administration might be last and tying and no correspondence should be entertained in this respect.
  3. Online India Education maintains all authority to develop, cross out, stop, rashly withdraw, change, modify or alter this administration or any part thereof incorporating charges, at its sole prudence at whenever as may be needed in perspective of business exigencies or administrative or statutory updates.
  4.  Your cell telephone number (MSISDN) will be utilized throughout the transmission of quick messages through the portable administration supplier’s server for SMS Service.
  5.  The subscriber grasps that he/she can benefit SMS Services at his/her circumspection and the said administration might be profited in such alternatives as are made accessible by Online India Education every once in a while.
  6.  This administration is liable to guidelines/directions issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or whatever available statutory power as material now and again.
  7. The SMS or its substance once sent for profiting the SMS administrations might be treated as last and the same can’t be withdrawn, adapted or recovered in this way under any circumstances.
  8.  WAP Services empower you to gain entrance to our Services and to submit or appropriate Content through your remote Device. Your right to gain entrance to our WAP Services may be subject to the remote Device you use to enter the material WAP administrations.
  9.  Subscription Services furnish you with access to certain Content for a chose time of time, which will be as shown and picked by you preceding buy. The recurrence with which you will appropriate the applicable Content will be advised to you around then you subscribe for the administration.
  10. You won’t post or transmit any substance that is oppressive, indecent, racial, sexually turned or against national investment. Online India Education maintains all authority to suspend your record if any restrictive or shocking substance is discovered and might further launch suitable lawful processes against you.
  11.  The Service is an extra administration offered by Online India Education. The capacities of the Service are reliant on the driver owning the system to expedite this administration (“Operator”), for which Online India Education does not embrace any authority regarding inadequacy of this system transmission or washout of message transmission for any explanations whatsoever. Now and again, Online India Education might incorporate extra characteristics and administrations.
  12.  Online India Education claims all authority to modify/delete the record substance at its own particular carefulness without former perceive if the substance of profile are esteemed unfit for telecast.
  13. The subscriber must support such least adjust in his/her prepaid account as is specified by Online India Education for benefitting the specific alternative offered under these administrations. All accidental costs/taxes/levies, if any, identified with the VAS should be totally borne by the client.
  14.  The clients explicitly note and concur that the substance and administration or part thereof may be changed, included, withdrawn, withheld or suspended by Online India Education at its sole carefulness without former perceive to the clients.
  15. Online India Education might not be subject for any expenses, misfortune or harm (if immediate or roundabout), or for misfortune of income, misfortune of benefits or any considerable misfortune whatsoever as a consequence of the client utilizing the Service.
  16.  No inversion of deducted charges might be permitted under any circumstances.
  17. The clients might remain singularly answerable for all substance, data, information started from the clients and transmitted through the Service (content), and the clients ought to likewise repay Online India Education and / or the Operator, against every one of the unbiased gathering claims identifying with the clients content or because of the clients demonstration, carelessness or oversight.
  18. You are bound by the terms and conditions as specified in this and as expressed on the Website.
  19.  Message conveyance is restrictive to versatile Operator’s specialized framework and its system uptime.
  20.  By utilizing different SMS based administrations from Online India Education, you consent to gain telephone calls, messages and so on from Online India Education or its cohorts custom-made to give better instruction identified chances.
  21. Subscribing or utilizing different paid/free administrations of Online India Education on SMS/voice/WAP either straightforwardly or by implication doesn’t in any way ensure the client affirmations.
  22. Online India Education or its particular suppliers make no representations about the suitability, unwavering quality, accessibility, absence of infections or other hurtful segments and precision of the data, programming, items, administrations and identified design held inside the, Online India Education sites/services for any reason. All such data, programming, items, administrations and identified design are furnished “as seems to be” without guarantee of any sort. Online India Education or its separate suppliers thusly disavow all guarantees and conditions concerning this data, programming, items, and administrations and identified illustrations, incorporating all suggested guarantees and states of merchantability, fitness for a specific reason, workmanlike exertion, title and non-encroachment. Online India Education might not be capable or subject for any important harms going out thereto.
  23.  By consenting to enrol at Online India Education Mobile alarms, a client permits Online India Education to get in touch with him/her now and again on occasions or offers in regards to vocations, confirmations, occupations and auxiliary administrations on versatile. This can incorporate energizing offers, data, and advancements.
  24. The subscriber should be obliged to consent to all directions/instructions and so on issued by Online India Education identifying with the system, the administrations and any/all matters joined therewith and give Online India Education all other and further data and co-operation as Online India Education may require now and again.
  25. This administration is live in India only.

Copyright © 2013 DLB Infotech Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

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