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After its independence in the year 1947 India has emerged as a significant educational hub in the world. Initial considered as a poor and backward nation India has traveled a long way in winning global recognition in the field of education specially. Its top premier institutions like IIMs, IITs, AIIMS, NID, NIFTs and many others have produced professionals of international standard and contributed in winning global significance.

Key Features of Top Institutions: – Every year the top educational institutions are ranked by leading media professionals. These rankings sometimes vary depending on the parameters and preferences considered by different media centers but more or less they are similar without much disputes because they take into consideration almost all the key features of institute which plays important role in its performance.

Reputation of the Institution: – The reputation of an institution is built on the basis of its history, its performance, reputed faculties associated with it, the curriculum and syllabus followed by it, the number and quality of students joining every year and the marks obtained by students in various level of examination and the percentage of students qualifying it. All these factors are responsible for building national or international reputation of an institute.

Academic Input: – To ensure the all round development of students the teachers and faculties put considerable efforts. Their success in their effort is responsible for the success of the institution as well the student. The rank of an institution is lowered if the students instill learning from other sources.

Care of Students: – Clientele satisfaction is the base of success for any business or institution. In case of educational institution the clients are the students and the level of their care is another important factor to decide the rank of an institution.

Infrastructure: – Infrastructure is a very important key factor for an institution and now the educational institutions in India offer infrastructure of global standard. Infrastructure includes not only buildings but the furnishing, air-conditioning, supply of energy, computers, internet and many more like these amenities.

Administration: – Faculties of any institution are a decisive factor for the success of an institution but other employees also contribute a lot to the administration of the institution and ultimately to the success of the institution.

Education Institute: – In this age of globalization when the competition is real tough the companies want to get the best and now they are approaching the premier institutions at their campus for recruitment. The institution which is not capable of attracting companies for campus recruitment are not preferred by the students and their parents or guardians. The institution with an impressive placement record is preferred by them and it also helps in getting a premier rank in the list of educational institutes.

There are many educational institutions in India which stands at par with any good institutes of the world but unfortunately there is no any institution in India which is listed in top hundred educational institutions of the world. A lot has been done in this regard since independence but a lot more is needed to be done.

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